Techno‐eustress creators: Conceptualization and empirical validation

Tarafdar M, Stich J, Maier C, Laumer S (2024)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024


DOI: 10.1111/isj.12515


Technostress is an inevitable part of work life. This paper takes a step toward mastering it by focusing on positive stress that Information Systems (IS) creates for IS users, known as techno-eustress. Factors that create techno-eustress are known as techno-eustress creators, which we conceptualise as cognitions experienced by IS users, that IS positively challenges and motivates them to enhance their work. They are important to study because they represent foundational opportunities for professional achievement and growth emanating from IS use. Drawing from theories of psychological eustress, self-determination and proactive work, this paper theorises and validates an instrument to measure techno-eustress creators. We establish the construct's validity and examine its nomological relationships based on data collected from working professionals who used IT for their work. We draw on data from two qualitative studies (N = 35) and three quantitative surveys (N = 980) conducted at different points in time. We validate techno-eustress creators as a second-order reflective construct having four dimensions: techno-mastery, techno-autonomy, techno-enrichment and techno-relatedness. We examine its nomological relationships with factors that create techno-distress, IT strain, and user satisfaction. We contribute to the literature by theorising and validating four ways in which IS users are challenged and motivated by IS to enhance their work. We inform to managerial practice by drawing attention to how organisations can strengthen the different ways employees experience the creators of the ‘good’ stress that use of IS generates.

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Tarafdar, M., Stich, J., Maier, C., & Laumer, S. (2024). Techno‐eustress creators: Conceptualization and empirical validation. Information Systems Journal.


Tarafdar, Monideepa, et al. "Techno‐eustress creators: Conceptualization and empirical validation." Information Systems Journal (2024).

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