gravitationally induced decoherence on quantum vector fields

Kemper R, Giesel K, Fahn MJ (2023)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Thesis

Publication year: 2023


In this thesis we consider the coupling of Maxwell theory to linearised gravity and derive a master equation which suggests gravitationally induced decoherence on vector fields. The model is based on the linear Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity with the use of Ashtekar variables. The matter is coupled to linearised gravity, consistently using the framework of post-Minkowski formalism. In order to formulate the model at the gauge invariant level, the relational formalism is used. Therefore, we will consistently connect linearised gravity to the constrained system of Maxwell’s theory by constructing suitable geometrical and electromagnetic reference fields. This will be used to construct Dirac observables for the coupled system. Then we will use a reduced phase space quantisation on the Fock space. To construct a TCL master equation we apply the projecting operator technique with the time-convolutionless approach to the model, using a Gibbs state as the initial state for linearised gravity. All assumptions and approximations in the intermediate steps will be carefully analysed. In addition, the final TCL master equation is formulated in terms of thermal Wightmann functions and is not automatically of the Lindblad type, which is often the starting point for phenomenological models, and in contrast to the existing literature. For the derived master equation, we will also discuss why the Markov approximation is not easily applicable. Furthermore, we will motivate that the formalism used in this thesis to couple a constrained system to linearised gravity could be generalised to all Yang-Mills theories.

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Kemper, R., Giesel, K., & Fahn, M.J. (2023). gravitationally induced decoherence on quantum vector fields (Master thesis).


Kemper, Roman, Kristina Giesel, and Max Joseph Fahn. gravitationally induced decoherence on quantum vector fields. Master thesis, 2023.

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