Radar-Based Recognition of Static Hand Gestures in American Sign Language

Schüßler C, Zhang W, Bräunig J, Hoffmann M, Stelzig M, Vossiek M (2024)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Conference Contribution

Publication year: 2024

Publisher: IEEE

Event location: Denver, Colorado, USA US


In the fast-paced field of human-computer interaction (HCI) and virtual reality (VR), automatic gesture recognition has become increasingly essential. This is particularly true for the recognition of hand signs, providing an intuitive way to effortlessly navigate and control VR and HCI applications. Considering increased privacy requirements, radar sensors emerge as a compelling alternative to cameras. They operate effectively in low-light conditions without capturing identifiable human details, thanks to their lower resolution and distinct wavelength compared to visible light. While previous works predominantly deploy radar sensors for dynamic hand gesture recognition based on Doppler information, our approach prioritizes classification using an imaging radar that operates on spatial information, e.g. image-like data. However, generating large training datasets required for neural networks (NN) is a time-consuming and challenging process, often falling short of covering all potential scenarios. Acknowledging these challenges, this study explores the efficacy of synthetic data generated by an advanced radar ray-tracing simulator. This simulator employs an intuitive material model that can be adjusted to introduce data diversity. Despite exclusively training the NN on synthetic data, it demonstrates promising performance when put to the test with real measurement data. This emphasizes the practicality of our methodology in overcoming data scarcity challenges and advancing the field of automatic gesture recognition in VR and HCI applications.

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Schüßler, C., Zhang, W., Bräunig, J., Hoffmann, M., Stelzig, M., & Vossiek, M. (2024). Radar-Based Recognition of Static Hand Gestures in American Sign Language. In IEEE (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2024 IEEE Radar Conference. Denver, Colorado, USA, US: IEEE.


Schüßler, Christian, et al. "Radar-Based Recognition of Static Hand Gestures in American Sign Language." Proceedings of the 2024 IEEE Radar Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA Ed. IEEE, IEEE, 2024.

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