Design and Characterization of a Novel NiAl–(Cr,Mo) Eutectic Alloy

Titz K, Vollhüter J, Randelzhofer P, Neumeier S, Göken M, Wahlmann B, Körner C (2024)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024


DOI: 10.1002/adem.202302079


To enhance the mechanical properties of NiAl–(Cr,Mo) in situ composites for high-temperature structural use, achieving a regular eutectic microstructure is crucial. A novel alloy with a composition of Ni30.6Al36Cr31.4Mo2 is developed that exhibits a significantly reduced solidification interval compared to well-studied alloys such as Ni33Al33Cr28Mo6. This advancement results from using the in-house developed alloy design tool PyMultOpt and Calculation of Phase Diagrams analysis to minimize the solidification interval. The refined alloy demonstrates a theoretical solidification interval of 0 K. These results are verified with differential scanning calorimetry measurements at different heating rates for the new alloy and compared with the established alloy Ni33Al33Cr28Mo6. The small solidification interval leads to a uniform eutectic microstructure consisting of a (Cr,Mo) phase embedded in the NiAl matrix without primary NiAl dendrites present. This indicates that deviating from the stoichiometric NiAl composition results in a significantly lower solidification interval and thus in an actual eutectic composition of the NiAl–(Cr,Mo) system.

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Titz, K., Vollhüter, J., Randelzhofer, P., Neumeier, S., Göken, M., Wahlmann, B., & Körner, C. (2024). Design and Characterization of a Novel NiAl–(Cr,Mo) Eutectic Alloy. Advanced Engineering Materials.


Titz, Katharina, et al. "Design and Characterization of a Novel NiAl–(Cr,Mo) Eutectic Alloy." Advanced Engineering Materials (2024).

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