Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathies.

Schroeter S, Heiß R, Hammer C, Best R, Brucker P, Hinterwimmer S, Grim C, Engelhardt M, Hotfiel T (2024)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024


Book Volume: 38

Pages Range: 31-39

Journal Issue: 1

DOI: 10.1055/a-2010-8121


The proximal hamstring complex is a highly vulnerable area that is especially prone to injury. Proximal hamstring tendinopathies (PHTs) remain challenging in diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention due to a large variety of different injuries, slow healing response, persistent symptoms, and functional impairments. PHTs are often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed, leading to delayed treatment and therapy failure. In addition, many athletes are at a high risk of PHT recurrence, a leading cause of prolonged rehabilitation and impaired individual performance. Until now, there have been no clear criteria for the diagnosis and classification of PHT. Tendinopathies can be graded based on their symptoms and onset. Additionally, radiological characteristics exist that describe the severity of tendinopathies. The diagnosis usually includes a battery of pain provocation tests, functional tests, and imaging to ensure a proper classification. Understanding the specific tasks in the pathogenesis and diagnostic process of PHT requires knowledge of functional anatomy, injury pattern and pathophysiological mechanisms as well as examination and imaging techniques. This work provides a structured overview of the pathogenesis and diagnostic work-up of PHT, emphasizing structured examination and imaging to enable a reliable diagnosis and rapid treatment decisions.

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Schroeter, S., Heiß, R., Hammer, C., Best, R., Brucker, P., Hinterwimmer, S.,... Hotfiel, T. (2024). Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathies. Sportverletzung-Sportschaden, 38(1), 31-39.


Schroeter, Sarah, et al. "Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathies." Sportverletzung-Sportschaden 38.1 (2024): 31-39.

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