NeuroIGN: Explainable Multimodal Image-Guided System for Precise Brain Tumor Surgery

Zeineldin R, Karar ME, Burgert O, Mathis-Ullrich F (2024)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024


Book Volume: 48

Pages Range: 25-

Journal Issue: 1

DOI: 10.1007/s10916-024-02037-3


Precise neurosurgical guidance is critical for successful brain surgeries and plays a vital role in all phases of image-guided neurosurgery (IGN). Neuronavigation software enables real-time tracking of surgical tools, ensuring their presentation with high precision in relation to a virtual patient model. Therefore, this work focuses on the development of a novel multimodal IGN system, leveraging deep learning and explainable AI to enhance brain tumor surgery outcomes. The study establishes the clinical and technical requirements of the system for brain tumor surgeries. NeuroIGN adopts a modular architecture, including brain tumor segmentation, patient registration, and explainable output prediction, and integrates open-source packages into an interactive neuronavigational display. The NeuroIGN system components underwent validation and evaluation in both laboratory and simulated operating room (OR) settings. Experimental results demonstrated its accuracy in tumor segmentation and the success of ExplainAI in increasing the trust of medical professionals in deep learning. The proposed system was successfully assembled and set up within 11 min in a pre-clinical OR setting with a tracking accuracy of 0.5 (± 0.1) mm. NeuroIGN was also evaluated as highly useful, with a high frame rate (19 FPS) and real-time ultrasound imaging capabilities. In conclusion, this paper describes not only the development of an open-source multimodal IGN system but also demonstrates the innovative application of deep learning and explainable AI algorithms in enhancing neuronavigation for brain tumor surgeries. By seamlessly integrating pre- and intra-operative patient image data with cutting-edge interventional devices, our experiments underscore the potential for deep learning models to improve the surgical treatment of brain tumors and long-term post-operative outcomes.

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Zeineldin, R., Karar, M.E., Burgert, O., & Mathis-Ullrich, F. (2024). NeuroIGN: Explainable Multimodal Image-Guided System for Precise Brain Tumor Surgery. Journal of Medical Systems, 48(1), 25-.


Zeineldin, Ramy, et al. "NeuroIGN: Explainable Multimodal Image-Guided System for Precise Brain Tumor Surgery." Journal of Medical Systems 48.1 (2024): 25-.

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