Few-layer black phosphorus enables nitrogen fixation under ambient conditions

Garnes-Portolés F, Lloret V, Vidal-Moya JA, Löffler M, Mayrhofer K, Cerón-Carrasco JP, Abellán G, Leyva-Pérez A (2024)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024


Book Volume: 14

Pages Range: 4742-4747

Journal Issue: 7

DOI: 10.1039/d3ra07331a


Nitrogen (N2) fixation is a key reaction in biological and industrial chemistry, which does not occur spontaneously under ambient conditions but often depends on very specific catalysts and harsh reaction processes. Here we show that exposing exfoliated black phosphorus to the open air triggers, concomitantly, the oxidation of the two-dimensional (2D) material and the fixation of up to 100 parts per million (0.01%) of N2 on the surface. The fixation also occurs in pristine non-exfoliated material. Besides, other allotropic forms of phosphorus, like red P, also fixes N2 during ambient oxidation, suggesting that the N2 fixation process is intrinsic with phosphorus oxidation and does not depend on the chemical structure or the dimensionality of the solid. Despite the low amounts of N2 fixed, this serendipitous discovery could have fundamental implications on the chemistry and environmental stability of phosphorous and the design of related catalysts for N2 fixation.

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Garnes-Portolés, F., Lloret, V., Vidal-Moya, J.A., Löffler, M., Mayrhofer, K., Cerón-Carrasco, J.P.,... Leyva-Pérez, A. (2024). Few-layer black phosphorus enables nitrogen fixation under ambient conditions. RSC Advances, 14(7), 4742-4747. https://doi.org/10.1039/d3ra07331a


Garnes-Portolés, Francisco, et al. "Few-layer black phosphorus enables nitrogen fixation under ambient conditions." RSC Advances 14.7 (2024): 4742-4747.

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