On the use of packing models for the prediction of fluvial sediment porosity

Rettinger C, Tabesh M, Rüde U, Vollmer S, Frings RM (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 11

Pages Range: 1097-1115

Journal Issue: 6

DOI: 10.5194/esurf-11-1097-2023


Obtaining accurate porosity information of fluvial sediment deposits is helpful and desirable for many tasks of river engineers. Besides direct measurements of single samples and empirical formulas specialized for specific cases, packing models promise efficient predictions due to their theoretical and extensible foundation. The objective of this work is thus to investigate the usability of three such models in order to obtain a suitable porosity prediction method for the challenging case of fluvial sediment packing. There, the complexity originates from wide continuous size distributions, from silt to gravel, and different grain shapes. We use data obtained from extensive numerical packing simulations to determine the required model parameters and to verify the models' accuracy for moderate size ratios. This study reveals systematic deficits in one of the models, which can be attributed to the absence of a built-in mixture packing model. By combining these findings with data from laboratory measurements and extending the model to include cohesive effects, we exemplify that reasonable porosity predictions can be obtained with the Compressible Packing Model for the Rhine river in Germany. Through an additional comparison with data from French rivers, guidelines for a successful prediction in cases with limited prior knowledge of the model parameters are developed. Future model enhancements of the packing models directly, and by incorporating more effects that are known to influence porosity, are expected to improve the predictive performance.

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Rettinger, C., Tabesh, M., Rüde, U., Vollmer, S., & Frings, R.M. (2023). On the use of packing models for the prediction of fluvial sediment porosity. Earth Surface Dynamics, 11(6), 1097-1115. https://doi.org/10.5194/esurf-11-1097-2023


Rettinger, Christoph, et al. "On the use of packing models for the prediction of fluvial sediment porosity." Earth Surface Dynamics 11.6 (2023): 1097-1115.

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