Overview of the Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite (AXIS)

Reynolds CS, Kara EA, Mushotzky RF, Ptak A, Koss MJ, Williams BJ, Allen SW, Bauer FE, Bautz M, Bodaghee A, Burdge KB, Cappelluti N, Cenko B, Chartas G, Chan KW, Corrales L, Daylan T, Falcone AD, Foord A, Grant CE, Habouzit M, Haggard D, Herrmann S, Hodges-Kluck E, Kargaltsev O, King GW, Kounkel M, Lopez LA, Marchesi S, McDonald M, Meyer E, Miller ED, Nynka M, Okajima T, Pacucci F, Russell HR, Safi-Harb S, Stassun KG, Falcão AT, Walker SA, Wilms J, Yukita M, Zhang WW (2023)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2023

Publisher: SPIE

Book Volume: 12678

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

Event location: San Diego, CA, USA

ISBN: 9781510665705

DOI: 10.1117/12.2677468


The Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite (AXIS) is a Probe-class concept that will build on the legacy of the Chandra X-ray Observatory by providing low-background, arcsecond-resolution imaging in the 0.3-10 keV band across a 450 arcminute2 field of view, with an order of magnitude improvement in sensitivity. AXIS utilizes breakthroughs in the construction of lightweight segmented X-ray optics using single-crystal silicon, and developments in the fabrication of large-format, small-pixel, high readout rate CCD detectors with good spectral resolution, allowing a robust and cost-effective design. Further, AXIS will be responsive to target-of-opportunity alerts and, with onboard transient detection, will be a powerful facility for studying the time-varying X-ray universe, following on from the legacy of the Neil Gehrels (Swift) X-ray observatory that revolutionized studies of the transient X-ray Universe. In this paper, we present an overview of AXIS, highlighting the prime science objectives driving the AXIS concept and how the observatory design will achieve these objectives.

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Reynolds, C.S., Kara, E.A., Mushotzky, R.F., Ptak, A., Koss, M.J., Williams, B.J.,... Zhang, W.W. (2023). Overview of the Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite (AXIS). In Oswald H. Siegmund, Keri Hoadley (Eds.), Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. San Diego, CA, USA: SPIE.


Reynolds, Christopher S., et al. "Overview of the Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite (AXIS)." Proceedings of the UV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Space Instrumentation for Astronomy XXIII 2023, San Diego, CA, USA Ed. Oswald H. Siegmund, Keri Hoadley, SPIE, 2023.

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