Einsatz der kontrastmittelverstärkten Mammographie in der Brustkrebsdiagnostik

Fischer U, Diekmann F, Helbich T, Preibsch H, Püsken M, Wenkel E, Wienbeck S, Fallenberg EM (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


DOI: 10.1007/s00117-023-01222-8


Background: Contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) is an imaging method that is able to improve visualization of intramammary tumors after peripheral venous administration of an iodine-containing contrast medium (ICM). Objectives and methods: The current significance of CEM is discussed. Results: Studies were able to show an advantage of CEM in the diagnosis of breast cancer compared to mammography, especially for women with dense breasts. Indications for CEM currently depend on the availability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If MRI is available, CEM is indicated in those cases when MRI cannot be performed. Use of CEM for breast cancer screening is currently viewed critically. This view can change when results and updated assessments of large CEM studies in Europe and USA become available. Patients must be informed about the use of an ICM. As ICM administration for CEM is carried out in a similar manner to established imaging methods, the authors expect the use of ICM for CEM to be unproblematic as long as general contraindications are adhered to. Conclusions: In the future, CEM could have greater importance for the diagnosis of breast cancer, as this imaging method has diagnostic advantages compared to conventional mammography. A great advantage of CEM is its availability. For those who use breast MRI, CEM is helpful when MRI is not feasible due to contraindications or other reasons.

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Fischer, U., Diekmann, F., Helbich, T., Preibsch, H., Püsken, M., Wenkel, E.,... Fallenberg, E.M. (2023). Einsatz der kontrastmittelverstärkten Mammographie in der Brustkrebsdiagnostik. Die Radiologie. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00117-023-01222-8


Fischer, Uwe, et al. "Einsatz der kontrastmittelverstärkten Mammographie in der Brustkrebsdiagnostik." Die Radiologie (2023).

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