Three-Phase ARCP Inverter Using Soft-Switching with a Single Shared Inductor

Lehmeier T, Amler A, Zhou Y, März M (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 39

Pages Range: 2505-2521

Journal Issue: 2

DOI: 10.1109/TPEL.2023.3325162


Soft-switching in power inverters for drive and grid applications can both enhance the efficiency by reducing switching losses and improve EMI due to lower switching speeds with their associated dv/dt. An advantageous topology is the well-known auxiliary resonant commutated pole (ARCP) inverter. The development of such power electronic inverters often focuses on reducing weight, volume, and cost. Considering a three-phase ARCP system, this article presents a novel single shared inductor (S²I) -ARCP approach to reduce the passive component count in the auxiliary circuit from three to one. The simultaneous use of the shared inductor by more than one phase must be detected and avoided by the control algorithm. A frequency analysis of such occurrences is performed, and a method for avoiding them by shifting the switching edges is presented. The proposed S2I-ARCP topology together with an appropriate control algorithm is implemented and validated at 10 kW with an 800 V DC-link. Efficiency measurement results indicated a significant loss reduction under soft-switching operation by more than 38% compared to hard-switching, with a peak efficiency value of 99.58%. It is demonstrated that a mere adjustment in the control signal generation can save two resonant inductors without significant disadvantages.

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Lehmeier, T., Amler, A., Zhou, Y., & März, M. (2023). Three-Phase ARCP Inverter Using Soft-Switching with a Single Shared Inductor. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 39(2), 2505-2521.


Lehmeier, Thomas, et al. "Three-Phase ARCP Inverter Using Soft-Switching with a Single Shared Inductor." IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 39.2 (2023): 2505-2521.

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