Approximate and Weighted Data Reconstruction Attack in Federated Learning

Wang Z, Song Y, Zuazua Iriondo E (2024)

Publication Language: English

Publication Status: Submitted

Publication Type: Unpublished / Preprint

Future Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024



Federated Learning (FL) is a distributed learning paradigm that enables multiple clients to collaborate on building a machine learning model without sharing their private data. Although FL is considered privacy-preserved by design, recent data reconstruction attacks demonstrate that an attacker can recover clients' training data based on the parameters shared in FL. However, most existing methods fail to attack the most widely used horizontal Federated Averaging (FedAvg) scenario, where clients share model parameters after multiple local training steps. To tackle this issue, we propose an interpolation-based approximation method, which makes attacking FedAvg scenarios feasible by generating the intermediate model updates of the clients' local training processes. Then, we design a layer-wise weighted loss function to improve the data quality of reconstruction. We assign different weights to model updates in different layers concerning the neural network structure, with the weights tuned by Bayesian optimization. Finally, experimental results validate the superiority of our proposed approximate and weighted attack (AWA) method over the other state-of-the-art methods, as demonstrated by the substantial improvement in different evaluation metrics for image data reconstructions.

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Wang, Z., Song, Y., & Zuazua Iriondo, E. (2024). Approximate and Weighted Data Reconstruction Attack in Federated Learning. (Unpublished, Submitted).


Wang, Ziqi, Yongcun Song, and Enrique Zuazua Iriondo. Approximate and Weighted Data Reconstruction Attack in Federated Learning. Unpublished, Submitted. 2024.

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