Biomaterial strategies to combat implant infections: new perspectives to old challenges

Braem A, Kamarudin NHN, Bhaskar N, Hadzhieva Z, Mele A, Soulie J, Linklater DP, Bonilla-Gameros L, Boccaccini AR, Roy I, Drouet C, Ivanova EP, Mantovani D, Basu B (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article, Review article

Publication year: 2023


DOI: 10.1080/09506608.2023.2193784


Peri-implant infection is rapidly becoming an - if not the most - important clinical challenge for indwelling medical devices. To alleviate the global rise in antibiotic use for the treatment of such infections, a plethora of biomaterials/bioengineering-based antimicrobial strategies are emerging to restrict or ideally to eliminate microbial adhesion and biofilm formation on implant surfaces. Yet, the development of such approaches faces specific challenges, like biocompatibility concerns, reduced antimicrobial effectiveness, long-term stability issues and antibiotic resistance development, which limit translation to the clinic. This review provides insights into the antimicrobial activity of current state-of-the-art biomaterial-based approaches to address the aforementioned issues. Translational research strategies and regulatory framework are also emphasised as key elements facilitating clinical implementation of anti-infective biomaterials. This review closes with the vision that the integration of computational tools and experimental databases using artificial intelligence (AI) would provide new insights for the accelerated development of next-generation biomaterial-based antimicrobial strategies.

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Braem, A., Kamarudin, N.H.N., Bhaskar, N., Hadzhieva, Z., Mele, A., Soulie, J.,... Basu, B. (2023). Biomaterial strategies to combat implant infections: new perspectives to old challenges. International Materials Reviews.


Braem, Annabel, et al. "Biomaterial strategies to combat implant infections: new perspectives to old challenges." International Materials Reviews (2023).

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