Non-Pauli topological stabilizer codes from twisted quantum doubles

De La Fuente JCM, Tarantino N, Eisert J (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2021


Book Volume: 5

DOI: 10.22331/Q-2021-02-17-398


It has long been known that long-ranged entangled topological phases can be exploited to protect quantum information against unwanted local errors. Indeed, conditions for intrinsic topological order are reminiscent of criteria for faithful quantum error correction. At the same time, the promise of using general topological orders for practical error correction remains largely unfulfilled to date. In this work, we significantly contribute to establishing such a connection by showing that Abelian twisted quantum double models can be used for quantum error correction. By exploiting the group cohomological data sitting at the heart of these lattice models, we transmute the terms of these Hamiltonians into full-rank, pairwise commuting operators, defining commuting stabilizers. The resulting codes are defined by commuting non-Pauli stabilizers, with local systems that can either be qubits or higher dimensional quantum systems. Thus, this work establishes a new connection between condensed matter physics and quantum information theory, and constructs tools to systematically devise new topological quantum error correcting codes beyond toric or surface code models.

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De La Fuente, J.C.M., Tarantino, N., & Eisert, J. (2021). Non-Pauli topological stabilizer codes from twisted quantum doubles. Quantum, 5.


De La Fuente, Julio Carlos Magdalena, Nicolas Tarantino, and Jens Eisert. "Non-Pauli topological stabilizer codes from twisted quantum doubles." Quantum 5 (2021).

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