Attosecond coherent electron motion in Auger-Meitner decay

Li S, Driver T, Rosenberger P, Champenois EG, Duris J, Al-Haddad A, Averbukh V, Barnard JCT, Berrah N, Bostedt C, Bucksbaum PH, Coffee RN, Dimauro LF, Fang L, Garratt D, Gatton A, Guo Z, Hartmann G, Haxton D, Helml W, Huang Z, Laforge AC, Kamalov A, Knurr J, Lin MF, Lutman AA, Macarthur JP, Marangos JP, Nantel M, Natan A, Obaid R, O'Neal JT, Shivaram NH, Schori A, Walter P, Li Wang A, Wolf TJA, Zhang Z, Kling MF, Marinelli A, Cryan JP (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 375

Pages Range: 285-290

Journal Issue: 6578

DOI: 10.1126/science.abj2096


In quantum systems, coherent superpositions of electronic states evolve on ultrafast time scales (few femtoseconds to attoseconds; 1 attosecond = 0.001 femtoseconds = 10-18 seconds), leading to a time-dependent charge density. Here we performed time-resolved measurements using attosecond soft x-ray pulses produced by a free-electron laser, to track the evolution of a coherent core-hole excitation in nitric oxide. Using an additional circularly polarized infrared laser pulse, we created a clock to time-resolve the electron dynamics and demonstrated control of the coherent electron motion by tuning the photon energy of the x-ray pulse. Core-excited states offer a fundamental test bed for studying coherent electron dynamics in highly excited and strongly correlated matter.

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Li, S., Driver, T., Rosenberger, P., Champenois, E.G., Duris, J., Al-Haddad, A.,... Cryan, J.P. (2022). Attosecond coherent electron motion in Auger-Meitner decay. Science, 375(6578), 285-290.


Li, Siqi, et al. "Attosecond coherent electron motion in Auger-Meitner decay." Science 375.6578 (2022): 285-290.

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