Viscosity of anhydrous and hydrous peridotite melts

Di Genova D, Bondar D, Zandonà A, Valdivia P, Al-Mukadam R, Fei H, Withers AC, Boffa Ballaran T, Kurnosov A, McCammon C, Deubener J, Katsura T (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 625

Article Number: 121440

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2023.121440


The melt viscosity (η) of anhydrous and hydrous peridotite was investigated using a multipronged approach combining micropenetration viscometry, conventional DSC, flash DSC and Brillouin spectroscopy. Raman spectroscopy measurements were used to verify the absence of crystallization and/or degassing during high-temperature measurements of these extremely reactive glasses and melts, ensuring that the data corresponded to the crystal-free melt viscosity. Based on the experimental data, an accurate description of the viscosity of peridotite melts over thirteen orders of magnitude (from Tg to η ≈ 10−1 Pa s) is provided in a broad range of compositions and oxidation states. Since empirical models predict viscosities that can significantly deviate from measured data to varying degrees, a new model was developed for the temperature- and H2O-dependent viscosity of peridotite melts (up to 12 mol% H2O content).

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Di Genova, D., Bondar, D., Zandonà, A., Valdivia, P., Al-Mukadam, R., Fei, H.,... Katsura, T. (2023). Viscosity of anhydrous and hydrous peridotite melts. Chemical Geology, 625.


Di Genova, Danilo, et al. "Viscosity of anhydrous and hydrous peridotite melts." Chemical Geology 625 (2023).

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