Universality and scaling phenomenology of small-scale turbulence in wall-bounded flows

Wei L, Elsinga GE, Brethouwer G, Schlatter P, Johansson AV (2014)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2014


Book Volume: 26

Article Number: 035107

Journal Issue: 3

DOI: 10.1063/1.4868364


The Reynolds number scaling of flow topology in the eigenframe of the strain-rate tensor is investigated for wall-bounded flows, which is motivated by earlier works showing that such topologies appear to be qualitatively universal across turbulent flows. The databases used in the current study are from direct numerical simulations (DNS) of fully developed turbulent channel flow (TCF) up to friction Reynolds number Reτ ≈ 1500, and a spatially developing, zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer (TBL) up to ReΘ ≈ 4300 (Ret ≈ 1400). It is found that for TCF and TBL at different Reynolds numbers, the averaged flow patterns in the local strain-rate eigenframe appear the same consisting of a pair of co-rotating vortices embedded in a finite-size shear layer. It is found that the core of the shear layer associated with the intense vorticity region scales on the Kolmogorov length scale, while the overall height of the shear layer and the distance between the vortices scale well with the Taylor micro scale. Moreover, the Taylor micro scale collapses the height of the shear layer in the direction of the vorticity stretching. The outer region of the averaged flow patterns approximately scales with the macro scale, which indicates that the flow patterns outside of the shear layer mainly are determined by large scales. The strength of the shear layer in terms of the peak tangential velocity appears to scale with a mixture of the Kolmogorov velocity and root-mean-square of the streamwise velocity scaling. A quantitative universality in the reported shear layers is observed across both wall-bounded flows for locations above the buffer region. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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Wei, L., Elsinga, G.E., Brethouwer, G., Schlatter, P., & Johansson, A.V. (2014). Universality and scaling phenomenology of small-scale turbulence in wall-bounded flows. Physics of Fluids, 26(3). https://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4868364


Wei, Liang, et al. "Universality and scaling phenomenology of small-scale turbulence in wall-bounded flows." Physics of Fluids 26.3 (2014).

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