Validation of the German version of the Protein Screener 55+

Kießwetter E, Siebentritt H, Schöne D, Kob R, Freiberger E, Sieber C, Visser M, Wijnhoven HAH, Volkert D (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


DOI: 10.1038/s41430-023-01266-y


Background/ObjectivesThe Protein Screener 55 + (Pro55 + ) is a brief food questionnaire to screen older community-dwelling adults for low protein intake. The result is the predicted probability of protein intake <1.0 g/kg adjusted body weight (aBW)/d ranging from 0-1. For purposes of cross-cultural validation, we translated the Pro55+ into German and tested its discriminative accuracy in detecting low protein intake of older community-dwelling people in Germany.Subjects/MethodsAfter translation and pilot-testing, the Pro55+ and the reference standard (3-day dietary record) were completed by 144 participants (81.6 +/- 3.9 years, 61.8% female). Discriminative properties were tested by receiver operating characteristic curves and by calculating sensitivity and specificity for different cut-offs of predicted probability (>0.3/>0.5/>0.7) using ResultsProtein intake was <1.0 g/kg aBW/d in 39.6% of the sample and <0.8 g/kg aBW/d in 17.4%. Area under the curve was 62.0% (95%CI 52.6-71.5) and 68.8% (58.1-79.4), respectively. Specificity was 82-90% using probability cut-offs of 0.5 and 0.7 for both protein thresholds. Sensitivity was poor for protein threshold of 1.0 g/kg aBW/d regardless of the used probability cut-offs. For protein threshold of <0.8 g/kg aBW/d, sensitivity was 88.0% (71.8-96.9) using a probability cut-off of 0.09.ConclusionThe overall discriminative accuracy of the German Pro55+ to identify older community-dwelling people with low protein intake was poor. However, applying different probability cut-offs allows increasing specificity and sensitivity for 0.8 g/kg aBW/d to levels justifying the use for certain purposes e.g. excluding individuals with adequate protein intake. Further validation is needed.

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Kießwetter, E., Siebentritt, H., Schöne, D., Kob, R., Freiberger, E., Sieber, C.,... Volkert, D. (2023). Validation of the German version of the Protein Screener 55+. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Kießwetter, Eva, et al. "Validation of the German version of the Protein Screener 55+." European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2023).

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