Signal Reception With Generic Three-State Receptors in Synaptic MC

Lotter S, Barros MT, Schober R, Schäfer M (2022)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2022

Original Authors: Sebastian Lotter, Michael T. Barros, Robert Schober, Maximilian Schafer

Conference Proceedings Title: IEEE Global Communications Conference

Event location: Rio de Janeiro BR

DOI: 10.1109/GLOBECOM48099.2022.10001154


Synaptic communication is studied by communication engineers for two main reasons. One is to enable novel neuroengineering applications that require interfacing with neurons. The other reason is to draw inspiration for the design of synthetic molecular communication systems. Both of these goals require understanding of how the chemical synaptic signal is sensed and transduced at the synaptic receiver (Rx). While signal reception in synaptic molecular communication (SMC) depends heavily on the kinetics of the receptors employed by the synaptic Rxs, existing channel models for SMC either oversimplify the receptor kinetics or employ complex, high-dimensional kinetic schemes limited to specific types of receptors. Both approaches do not facilitate a comparative analysis of different types of natural synapses. In this paper, we propose a novel deterministic channel model for SMC which employs a generic three-state receptor model that captures the characteristics of the most important receptor types in SMC. The model is based on a transfer function expansion of Fick's diffusion equation and accounts for release, diffusion, and degradation of neurotransmitters as well as their reversible binding to finitely many generic postsynaptic receptors. The proposed SMC model is the first that allows studying the impact of the characteristic dynamics of the main postsynaptic receptor types on synaptic signal transmission. Numerical results indicate that the proposed model indeed exhibits a wide range of biologically plausible dynamics when specialized to specific natural receptor types.

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Lotter, S., Barros, M.T., Schober, R., & Schäfer, M. (2022). Signal Reception With Generic Three-State Receptors in Synaptic MC. In IEEE Global Communications Conference. Rio de Janeiro, BR.


Lotter, Sebastian, et al. "Signal Reception With Generic Three-State Receptors in Synaptic MC." Proceedings of the GLOBECOM 2022 - 2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference, Rio de Janeiro 2022.

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