Production Concepts for Inductive Power Transfer Systems for Vehicles

Kühl A, Kneidl M, Seefried J, Masuch M, Weigelt M, Franke J (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Original Authors: Alexander Kuehl, Maximilian Kneidl, Johannes Seefried, Michael Masuch, Michael Weigelt, Joerg Franke

Book Volume: 15

Pages Range: 7911

Issue: 21

DOI: 10.3390/en15217911


The option of wireless energy transmission in electric vehicles can become the main market driver for electric vehicles due to its distinct advantages, such as range, weight, or costs, over conventional conductive charging solutions. In addition to the great potential, which different research work and realized systems have already shown, there are new requirements for the associated production networks in the automotive industry which must be addressed at an early stage. Furthermore, no solutions currently exist for the industrial production of these components. This paper presents the main components for the feasibility of wireless power transmission in electric vehicles. In addition, the required value chains and processes for the new components of the inductive power transfer systems, and the final assembly for induction coils, which has been developed at the FAU, will be presented. These include the developing of a winding process on a 15-axis special machine, ultrasonic crimping of the litz wire ends, and vacuum potting.

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Kühl, A., Kneidl, M., Seefried, J., Masuch, M., Weigelt, M., & Franke, J. (2022). Production Concepts for Inductive Power Transfer Systems for Vehicles. Energies, 15, 7911.


Kühl, Alexander, et al. "Production Concepts for Inductive Power Transfer Systems for Vehicles." Energies 15 (2022): 7911.

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