Comparison Between Video-mediated and Asymmetric 3D Teleconsultation During a Preclinical Scenario

Strak R, Yu K, Pankratz F, Lazarovici M, Sandmeyer B, Reichling J, Weidert S, Kraetsch C, Rögele B, Navab N, Eck U, Roth D (2021)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2021


City/Town: NEW YORK

Pages Range: 227-235

Conference Proceedings Title: MENSCH AND COMPUTER 2021 (MUC 21)

DOI: 10.1145/3473856.3473883


Current teleconsultation solutions for preclinical emergencies can transmit knowledge from a remote expert to a local paramedic using audio and 2D video channels. Such technology lacks precision and efficiency for medical diagnostic tasks, and visual feedback is often missing between participants. We investigate a mixed reality 3D teleconsultation solution for preclinical use, which provides a 3D reconstruction of the local scene to a remote expert, displayed in Virtual Reality. A remote expert can join the local scene virtually as an Augmented Reality avatar. The remote expert can annotate the local scene and guide the local paramedics through the procedure. We explored our system in a user study within a preclinical scenario on a collaborative task of attaching chest lead electrodes of a 12 channel electrocardiogram on a mannequin. We compared the 3D teleconsultation system to a 2D video-mediated teleconsultation via a top-mounted camera and report results from the consultee side in AR. Based on our empirical user study with 10 paramedics with an average of 17 years experience, we observe an improvement in the electrode placement quality using the 3D teleconsultation system. Results indicate no significant difference in the cognitive task-load between conditions. Participants perceived the video-mediated consultation as more usable due to their unfamiliarity with the 3D teleconsultation system. However, participants acknowledge the potential of 3D teleconsultation and believe such a system can significantly improve the preclinical treatment.

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Strak, R., Yu, K., Pankratz, F., Lazarovici, M., Sandmeyer, B., Reichling, J.,... Roth, D. (2021). Comparison Between Video-mediated and Asymmetric 3D Teleconsultation During a Preclinical Scenario. In MENSCH AND COMPUTER 2021 (MUC 21) (pp. 227-235). NEW YORK: ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY.


Strak, Robin, et al. "Comparison Between Video-mediated and Asymmetric 3D Teleconsultation During a Preclinical Scenario." Proceedings of the Conference on Mensch and Computer (MuC) NEW YORK: ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2021. 227-235.

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