Invasive Tightly-Coupled Processor Arrays

Teich J, Brand M, Hannig F, Heidorn C, Walter D, Witterauf M (2022)

Publication Type: Book chapter / Article in edited volumes

Publication year: 2022

Publisher: FAU University Press

Edited Volumes: Invasive Computing

Pages Range: 177-202

ISBN: 978-3-96147-571-1

DOI: 10.25593/978-3-96147-571-1

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Teich, J., Brand, M., Hannig, F., Heidorn, C., Walter, D., & Witterauf, M. (2022). Invasive Tightly-Coupled Processor Arrays. In Jürgen Teich, Jörg Henkel, Andreas Herkersdorf (Eds.), Invasive Computing. (pp. 177-202). FAU University Press.


Teich, Jürgen, et al. "Invasive Tightly-Coupled Processor Arrays." Invasive Computing. Ed. Jürgen Teich, Jörg Henkel, Andreas Herkersdorf, FAU University Press, 2022. 177-202.

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