Application of Expert Systems for Personalizing Financial Decisions

Shafiee S, Marjani Rasmussen K, Schäffer E, Marr Nielsen E (2022)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2022

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Book Volume: 2

Pages Range: 801-810

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the Design Society

Event location: Virtual, Online, HRV

DOI: 10.1017/pds.2022.82


Due to the complexity of financial products, consumers with low financial literacy are left behind. However, few practical studies investigated the impact of digital advisory systems to improve customer experience. Configuration systems, as the most popular expert systems, have never been applied as a financial tool. In this study, we explore the application of configuration systems to educate consumers in achieving their financial goals. The results highlight multiple benefits from using the configurator, including greater financial literacy and improved individual financial decision-making.

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Shafiee, S., Marjani Rasmussen, K., Schäffer, E., & Marr Nielsen, E. (2022). Application of Expert Systems for Personalizing Financial Decisions. In Proceedings of the Design Society (pp. 801-810). Virtual, Online, HRV: Cambridge University Press.


Shafiee, S., et al. "Application of Expert Systems for Personalizing Financial Decisions." Proceedings of the 17th International Design Conference, DESIGN 2022, Virtual, Online, HRV Cambridge University Press, 2022. 801-810.

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