Micromechanics modeling of magneto-sensitive polymeric materials during curing

Chatzigeorgiou G, Mokarram H, Meraghni F, Steinmann P (2015)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2015

Publisher: International Committee on Composite Materials

Book Volume: 2015-July

Conference Proceedings Title: ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials

Event location: Copenhagen, DNK


This work proposes a coupled magneto-mechanical multi-scale model for simulating the curing process of magneto-sensitive polymers. In this type of composites, ferromagnetic particles are mixed with a liquid polymeric matrix in the uncured stage. The polymer curing process is a complex mechanism that transforms a fluid to a solid with time. In order to identify the overall response of the magneto-mechanically coupled polymeric composite, an extended Mori-Tanaka semi-analytical homogenization procedure is utilized that tranfers information from the micro to the macroscale. The stiffness gaining phenomenon as in the case of a curing process is realized by time-dependent material parameters appearing within the polymer piezomagnetic material tensors. Moreover, the volume reduction during curing is taken into account through a magnetic induction dependent shrinkage model. Several numerical examples illustrate the model capability to capture major observable phenomena in the curing process of polymeric composites under infinitesimal deformations and magnetic field.

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Chatzigeorgiou, G., Mokarram, H., Meraghni, F., & Steinmann, P. (2015). Micromechanics modeling of magneto-sensitive polymeric materials during curing. In ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials. Copenhagen, DNK: International Committee on Composite Materials.


Chatzigeorgiou, George, et al. "Micromechanics modeling of magneto-sensitive polymeric materials during curing." Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Composite Materials, ICCM 2015, Copenhagen, DNK International Committee on Composite Materials, 2015.

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