Solubility and characterization of synthesized 11 Å Al-tobermorite

Lothenbach B, Jansen D, Yan Y, Schreiner J (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 159

Article Number: 106871

DOI: 10.1016/j.cemconres.2022.106871


The structure and solubility of hydrothermally prepared 11 Å Al-tobermorite with Al/(Al + Si) = 0.1 has been studied. NMR and FTIR data indicated the formation of a cross-linked, well crystalline 11 Å Al-tobermorite and preferential uptake of Al in the branching sites of the silicate chains. The incorporation of Al in branching sites of 11 Å tobermorite increased the basal spacing of the 11 Å Al-tobermorite by ~0.18 Å. Solubility experiments indicated little effect of temperature on the solubility of 11 Å Al-tobermorite and a weak stabilization of 11 Å Al-tobermorite with regard to 11 Å tobermorite. The experimental data confirmed the strong similarity in structure, Al-uptake, and solubility with poorly ordered C-A-S-H gel, although C-A-S-H gels showed a lower degree of ordering, the absence of cross-linking, an increased basal spacing, and a higher solubility.

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Lothenbach, B., Jansen, D., Yan, Y., & Schreiner, J. (2022). Solubility and characterization of synthesized 11 Å Al-tobermorite. Cement and Concrete Research, 159.


Lothenbach, B., et al. "Solubility and characterization of synthesized 11 Å Al-tobermorite." Cement and Concrete Research 159 (2022).

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