Simulation of Radiative Transfer Within X-ray Microcalorimeter Absorbers

Lorenz M, Kirsch C, Peille P, Ballhausen R, Fioretti , Lotti S, Dauser T, Wilms J (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


DOI: 10.1007/s10909-022-02754-4


We present Monte Carlo simulations of radiative transfer within the absorbers of X-ray microcalorimeters, utilizing a numerical model for the photon propagation and photon absorption process within the absorber structure. In our model, we include effects of Compton scattering off bound electrons and fluorescence. Scattered or fluorescence photons as well as Auger and photoelectrons escaping the absorber can result in partial energy depositions. By implementing a simplified description of the physical processes compared to existing comprehensive particle transport software frameworks, our model aims to provide representative results at a small computational effort. This approach makes it possible to use our model for quick assessments, parametric studies, and application in other Monte Carlo-based instrument simulators like SIXTE, a software package for X-ray astronomical instrumentation. To study the impact of the energy loss effects on the spectral response of a microcalorimeter, we apply our model to the sensors of the cryogenic X-ray spectrometer X-IFU onboard the future Athena X-ray observatory.

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Lorenz, M., Kirsch, C., Peille, P., Ballhausen, R., Fioretti, ., Lotti, S.,... Wilms, J. (2022). Simulation of Radiative Transfer Within X-ray Microcalorimeter Absorbers. Journal of Low Temperature Physics.


Lorenz, Maximilian, et al. "Simulation of Radiative Transfer Within X-ray Microcalorimeter Absorbers." Journal of Low Temperature Physics (2022).

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