Residual effects of ultrasonic assistance in metal forming

Jäckisch M, Merklein M (2022)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Original article

Publication year: 2022

Pages Range: 31

Event location: Porto PT

ISBN: 9789899101227


Characterized by a high material utilization and short cycle times, cold forming processes enable a high
efficient and an environmentally compatible production. Nevertheless, an increasing use of high strength
materials and a growing demand for complex part geometries pose new challenges to well established
forming operations. Thus, there is a demand for innovative processes and process adaptions that extend
existing process ranges. A promising measure is the application of ultrasonic assistance. Superimposing
a high frequency oscillation to the forming process leads to an immediate material softening, enabling a
significant reduction of the process forces. Even though this softening effect is well known and has been
addressed in several investigations, the underlying mechanisms remain subject of current research. Besides
this temporary softening, there are also residual effects, indicating a permanently altered material state
after ultrasonic assistance. Present studies indicate both, residual hardening and softening in the context
of ultrasonic-assisted forming. The goal of this contribution is an in-depth analysis of the influence of
ultrasonic assistance in metal forming with regard to residual effects. This contributes to clarifying the
underlying mechanisms. Therefore, stepwise ultrasonic-assisted compression tests with varying amplitudes
and oscillation interval durations are carried out. Focusing on the strain hardening, particular interest is given
to variances of the strain hardening exponent as well as the resulting hardness after forming. By comparing
the results to conventional compression tests, ultrasonic-induced effects are determined. Moreover, by
means of the stepwise conducted experiments the influence on the microstructure is determined for different
strain conditions.

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Jäckisch, M., & Merklein, M. (2022). Residual effects of ultrasonic assistance in metal forming. In Lucas F M da Silva (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Engineering Manufacture 2022 (EM 2022) (pp. 31). Porto, PT.


Jäckisch, Manuel, and Marion Merklein. "Residual effects of ultrasonic assistance in metal forming." Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Engineering Manufacture 2022 (EM 2022), Porto Ed. Lucas F M da Silva, 2022. 31.

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