Innovation von datengetriebenen Geschäftsmodellen

Förster M, Bansemir B, Roth A (2021)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2021


Book Volume: 58

Pages Range: 595–610


DOI: 10.1365/s40702-021-00730-2

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In the context of the ongoing digitalization, the competitiveness of companies is increasingly dependent on their ability to innovate data-driven business models. However, this poses major challenges for companies, and so, data-driven business models, once they have been implemented on the market, often fall short of expectations in terms of value realization, e.g. in the form of revenues or cost savings. In particular, this is due to the fact that value-realizing or value-reducing influencing factors often only become apparent after the implementation in the market. At this point, companies lack concrete procedure models to counter these influencing factors and to successfully implement data-driven business models and realize value. By means of a design science research approach, this study develops an interview- and workshop-based procedure model that enables practitioners to implement and realize value from data-driven business models. The application of the procedure model in five data-driven business models of a German premium car manufacturer has shown that it offers practitioners useful support. For example, it provides an easy-to-understand methodological approach that helps to identify and evaluate value-realizing and value-reducing influencing factors, promote cross-functional, shared knowledge on value realization, decision factors and the leveraging effects of different measures. Additionally, the assignment of limited company resources to the implementation of different measures in relation to their effects is considered.

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Förster, M., Bansemir, B., & Roth, A. (2021). Innovation von datengetriebenen Geschäftsmodellen. HMD : Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 58, 595–610.


Förster, Matthias, Bastian Bansemir, and Angela Roth. "Innovation von datengetriebenen Geschäftsmodellen." HMD : Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik 58 (2021): 595–610.

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