Concentration of Microparticles Using Flexural Acoustic Wave in Sessile Droplets

Peng T, Li L, Zhou M, Jiang F (2022)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2022


Book Volume: 22

Article Number: 1269

Journal Issue: 3

DOI: 10.3390/s22031269


Acoustic manipulation of microparticles and cells has attracted growing interest in biomedical applications. In particular, the use of acoustic waves to concentrate particles plays an important role in enhancing the detection process by biosensors. Here, we demonstrated microparticle concentration within sessile droplets placed on the hydrophobic surface using the flexural wave. The design benefits from streaming flow induced by the Lamb wave propagated in the glass waveguide to manipulate particles in the droplets. Microparticles will be concentrated at the central area of the droplet adhesion plane based on the balance among the streaming drag force, gravity, and buoyancy at the operating frequency. We experimentally demonstrated the concentration of particles of various sizes and tumor cells. Using numerical simulation, we predicted the acoustic pressure and streaming flow pattern within the droplet and characterized the underlying physical mechanisms for particle motion. The design is more suitable for micron-sized particle preparation, and it can be valuable for various biological, chemical, and medical applications.

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Peng, T., Li, L., Zhou, M., & Jiang, F. (2022). Concentration of Microparticles Using Flexural Acoustic Wave in Sessile Droplets. Sensors, 22(3).


Peng, Tao, et al. "Concentration of Microparticles Using Flexural Acoustic Wave in Sessile Droplets." Sensors 22.3 (2022).

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