Coproduction to improve preventive health services—experiences from Germany

Abu-Omar K, Weißenfels A, Mino E, Naber I, Klamroth S, Geidl W, Pfeifer K (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2021


Original Authors: Karim Abu-Omar, Anja Weissenfels, Eriselda Mino, Inga Naber, Sarah Klamroth, Wolfgang Geidl, Klaus Pfeifer

Book Volume: 36

Pages Range: ii107-ii113

Issue: Supplement_2

DOI: 10.1093/heapro/daab162


Due to the beneficial impact of regular physical activity (PA) on non-communicable diseases, the number of countries integrating exercise referral schemes (ERSs) into their healthcare systems is growing. Owing to the limitations of existing PA promotion concepts in Germany’s healthcare system, efforts are currently being made towards developing a nationwide referral pathway. A research group at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg is coordinating these efforts within a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. The aim is to develop, implement and evaluate a regional-level ERS that has the potential to be scaled up across Germany in the event of its demonstrated effectiveness. The project is based on an adapted Cooperative Planning approach requiring interaction between the academic sector and different actors of the healthcare sector. The present commentary reflects on challenges faced in the early stages of the co-production process. Besides the development of an adequate co-production methodology, it critically discusses stakeholder participation, knowledge gaps and actors’ willingness to take responsibility. In addition, although patients are represented by dedicated organizations, their perspective cannot be adequately captured using a co-production approach. Despite the joint development of an ERS, there remain important questions regarding the appropriateness of the co-production approach in a healthcare setting.

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Abu-Omar, K., Weißenfels, A., Mino, E., Naber, I., Klamroth, S., Geidl, W., & Pfeifer, K. (2021). Coproduction to improve preventive health services—experiences from Germany. Health promotion international, 36, ii107-ii113.


Abu-Omar, Karim, et al. "Coproduction to improve preventive health services—experiences from Germany." Health promotion international 36 (2021): ii107-ii113.

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