Plant Cell Division

Müller S (2012)

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Publication year: 2012

Original Authors: Sabine Müller

DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0023760


Cell division is characterised by the segregation of genetic material and the redistribution of cellular contents facilitated by the cytoskeleton. Plant cells derive from divisions in the meristems of developing organs. However, plant cells are enclosed in rigid cell walls, unable to migrate and change their location within tissues. Thus, positions of division planes, together with successive polarised cell expansion are the major determinants of cell shape and consequently morphology of plants. The basic building blocks of the cytoskeleton, tubulins, actins and cytoskeleton associated motor- and nonmotor-proteins are conserved. Yet, plants have developed unique cytoskeletal arrays and molecular mechanism to determine the division plane very early in mitosis and to facilitate the synthesis and insertion of the partitioning cell plate at the end of cell division.

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Müller, S. (2012). Plant Cell Division.


Müller, Sabine. Plant Cell Division. 2012.

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