Stream Containers for Resource-oriented RDF Stream Processing

Schraudner D, Harth A (2021)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Original article

Publication year: 2021

Event location: Milan IT



We introduce Stream Containers inspired by the Linked Data Platform as an alternative way to process RDF streams. A Stream Container represents a single RDF data stream that can be accessed in a resource-oriented way which allows for better interoperability with the existing Semantic Web infrastructure. Stream Containers are managed by webservers that are responsible for implementing the S2R operator, i.e. calculating the window for their clients. The clients on the other hand can use a standard SPARQL processor in combination with HTTP request to do RDF processing. Query results can be converted back to an RDF stream (R2S operator) by posting the data to a Stream Container. Our approach of resource-oriented RDF stream processing can lead to better distribution of load and thus to a better worldwide scalability. We give a general overview of the proposed architecture as well as the formal semantics of the overall system.

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Schraudner, D., & Harth, A. (2021). Stream Containers for Resource-oriented RDF Stream Processing. In Proceedings of the Stream Reasoning Workshop. Milan, IT.


Schraudner, Daniel, and Andreas Harth. "Stream Containers for Resource-oriented RDF Stream Processing." Proceedings of the Stream Reasoning Workshop, Milan 2021.

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