Novel approach to model gan-hemt capacitances using sigmoid functions

Dobusch J, Schwanninger R, Dürbaum T (2021)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2021

Publisher: Mesago PCIM GmbH

Book Volume: 2021-May

Pages Range: 77-84

Conference Proceedings Title: PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings

Event location: Virtual, Online

ISBN: 9783800755158


Simulation of circuits is of high importance in the design process of power electronic devices. Modeling the nonlinear behavior of switches can be challenging, especially regarding the parasitic capacitances. They, however, play a crucial role in determining switching losses as well as voltage slopes of soft switched converters. This paper presents an approach to improve the SPICE model of a GaN-HEMT by modeling the nonlinear datasheet slope of the switch capacitances with continuous sigmoid functions resulting in better accordance between datasheet and simulation model.

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Dobusch, J., Schwanninger, R., & Dürbaum, T. (2021). Novel approach to model gan-hemt capacitances using sigmoid functions. In PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings (pp. 77-84). Virtual, Online: Mesago PCIM GmbH.


Dobusch, Julian, Raffael Schwanninger, and Thomas Dürbaum. "Novel approach to model gan-hemt capacitances using sigmoid functions." Proceedings of the 2021 International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, PCIM Europe 2021, Virtual, Online Mesago PCIM GmbH, 2021. 77-84.

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