Switching loss estimation of gan-hemts by thermal measurement procedure

Kohlhepp B, Kübrich D, Schwanninger R, Dürbaum T (2021)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2021

Publisher: Mesago PCIM GmbH

Book Volume: 2021-May

Pages Range: 999-1007

Conference Proceedings Title: PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings

Event location: Virtual, Online

ISBN: 9783800755158


Modern semiconductors like GaN and SiC enable high efficient power conversion and provide superior switching behavior. For achieving high efficient converter designs, reliable data concerning losses is vital. Due to the high voltage and current slew rates during switching, the conventional double pulse test cannot be beneficially applied when using GaN to gain results concerning switching losses. Thus, this paper proposes a novel procedure to estimate switching losses by means of thermal measurements. A characterization of the test setup using DC currents links the occurring device temperatures during switching operation to power losses. First measurements prove the applicability of the procedure to a 100 V GaN device.

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Kohlhepp, B., Kübrich, D., Schwanninger, R., & Dürbaum, T. (2021). Switching loss estimation of gan-hemts by thermal measurement procedure. In PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings (pp. 999-1007). Virtual, Online: Mesago PCIM GmbH.


Kohlhepp, Benedikt, et al. "Switching loss estimation of gan-hemts by thermal measurement procedure." Proceedings of the 2021 International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, PCIM Europe 2021, Virtual, Online Mesago PCIM GmbH, 2021. 999-1007.

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