Constructing demand-driven wikidata subsets?

Henselmann D, Harth A (2021)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2021

Publisher: CEUR-WS

Book Volume: 2982

Conference Proceedings Title: CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Event location: Virtual, Online


A Wikidata subset is a selected subset from the set of all triples included in Wikidata. We approach the task to create a subset with a demand-based subset that satises a present use case. The introduced algorithm constructs triples in multiple steps starting from a seed of URIs. Dierent input options for the seed, the sequence of construction steps, and a filter enable adaptations to the use case. A formal description and matching SPARQL queries complement the algorithm. Hospital data provides a running example.

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Henselmann, D., & Harth, A. (2021). Constructing demand-driven wikidata subsets? In Lucie-Aimee Kaffee, Simon Razniewski, Aidan Hogan (Eds.), CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Virtual, Online: CEUR-WS.


Henselmann, Daniel, and Andreas Harth. "Constructing demand-driven wikidata subsets?" Proceedings of the 2nd Wikidata Workshop, Wikidata 2021, Virtual, Online Ed. Lucie-Aimee Kaffee, Simon Razniewski, Aidan Hogan, CEUR-WS, 2021.

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