Latest Thinking Interview zu “Inclusion of Migrants”

Farahat A (2018)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Other publication type, Interview

Publication year: 2018


DOI: 10.21036/LTPUB10549


Through immigration, our society is becoming more diverse. However, the integration and inclusion of migrants is often difficult. ANUSCHEH FARAHAT is interested in the question of how this inclusion can be promoted through the means of law. In particular, she focuses on the structural obstacles migrants face when attempting to participate in society, such as when entering the job market or higher education. As she explains in this video, she, therefore, examines how the constitutional law in Germany can be used to combat structural inequalities. Establishing a definition of inclusion that sees it as an interactive process involving multiple actors, not only the migrants, she has found that the German constitution already provides a tool to implement such an interactive form of integration: the principle of equality. Of course, the law can only achieve integration to a certain extent as it is also dependent on the participation of the public.

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Farahat, A. (2018). Latest Thinking Interview zu “Inclusion of Migrants”.


Farahat, Anuscheh. Latest Thinking Interview zu “Inclusion of Migrants”. 2018.

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