The future of volume graphics in medical virtual reality

Muehl J, Kainz B, Bornik A, Grabner M, Hauswiesner S, Schmalstieg D (2009)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2009


Publisher: Springer Verlag

Book Volume: 25

Pages Range: 1349-1352

Conference Proceedings Title: IFMBE Proceedings

Event location: DEU

ISBN: 9783642038815

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-03882-2_357


A recent trend in medical virtual reality is to include information from multiple sources, especially about physiology, into one model and one single visualization. Computer graphics must therefore deal with a huge amount of information in real time. The latest developments in computer graphics hardware allow not only implementing direct volume rendering on the graphics processing unit (GPU). The emerging compute languages enable us to address volume rendering problems of arbitrary complexity without being limited to formulating visualization techniques in an awkward fashion to match the GPU execution model. Utilizing the arising new possibilities we meet next generation's demands in medical visualization.

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Muehl, J., Kainz, B., Bornik, A., Grabner, M., Hauswiesner, S., & Schmalstieg, D. (2009). The future of volume graphics in medical virtual reality. In IFMBE Proceedings (pp. 1349-1352). DEU: Springer Verlag.


Muehl, Judith, et al. "The future of volume graphics in medical virtual reality." Proceedings of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering: Image Processing, Biosignal Processing, Modelling and Simulation, Biomechanics, DEU Springer Verlag, 2009. 1349-1352.

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