Nonlocal wrinkling instabilities in bilayered systems using peridynamics

Laurien M, Javili A, Steinmann P (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2021


DOI: 10.1007/s00466-021-02057-7


Wrinkling instabilities occur when a stiff thin film bonded to an elastic substrate undergoes compression. Regardless of the nature of compression, this phenomenon has been extensively studied through local models based on classical continuum mechanics. However, the experimental behavior is not yet fully understood and the influence of nonlocal effects remains largely unexplored. The objective of this paper is to fill this gap from a computational perspective by investigating nonlocal wrinkling instabilities in a bilayered system. Peridynamics (PD), a nonlocal continuum formulation, serves as a tool to model nonlocal material behavior. This manuscript presents a methodology to precisely predict the critical conditions by employing an eigenvalue analysis. Our results approach the local solution when the nonlocality parameter, the horizon size, approaches zero. An experimentally observed influence of the boundaries on the wave pattern is reproduced with PD simulations which suggests nonlocal material behavior as a physical origin. The results suggest that the level of nonlocality of a material model has quantitative influence on the main wrinkling characteristics, while most trends qualitatively coincide with predictions from the local analytical solution. However, a relation between the film thickness and the critical compression is revealed that is not existent in the local theory. Moreover, an approach to determine the peridynamic material parameters across a material interface is established by introducing an interface weighting factor. This paper, for the first time, shows that adding a nonlocal perspective to the analysis of bilayer wrinkling by using PD can significantly advance our understanding of the phenomenon.

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Laurien, M., Javili, A., & Steinmann, P. (2021). Nonlocal wrinkling instabilities in bilayered systems using peridynamics. Computational Mechanics.


Laurien, Marie, Ali Javili, and Paul Steinmann. "Nonlocal wrinkling instabilities in bilayered systems using peridynamics." Computational Mechanics (2021).

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