KINESIN-12E regulates metaphase spindle flux and helps control spindle size in Arabidopsis

Herrmann A, Livanos P, Zimmermann S, Berendzen K, Rohr L, Lipka E, Müller S (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2021


Book Volume: 33

Pages Range: 27-43

Journal Issue: 1

DOI: 10.1093/plcell/koaa003


The bipolar mitotic spindle is a highly conserved structure among eukaryotes that mediates chromosome alignment and segregation. Spindle assembly and size control are facilitated by force-generating microtubule-dependent motor proteins known as kinesins. In animals, kinesin-12 cooperates with kinesin-5 to produce outward-directed forces necessary for spindle assembly. In plants, the relevant molecular mechanisms for spindle formation are poorly defined. While an Arabidopsis thaliana kinesin-5 ortholog has been identified, the kinesin-12 ortholog in plants remains elusive. In this study, we provide experimental evidence for the function of Arabidopsis KINESIN-12E in spindle assembly. In kinesin-12e mutants, a delay in spindle assembly is accompanied by the reduction of spindle size, demonstrating that KINESIN-12E contributes to mitotic spindle architecture. Kinesin-12E localization is mitosis-stage specific, beginning with its perinuclear accumulation during prophase. Upon nuclear envelope breakdown, KINESIN-12E decorates subpopulations of microtubules in the spindle and becomes progressively enriched in the spindle midzone. Furthermore, during cytokinesis, KINESIN-12E shares its localization at the phragmoplast midzone with several functionally diversified Arabidopsis KINESIN-12 members. Changes in the kinetochore and in prophase and metaphase spindle dynamics occur in the absence of KINESIN-12E, suggest it might play an evolutionarily conserved role during spindle formation similar to its spindle-localized animal kinesin-12 orthologs.

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Herrmann, A., Livanos, P., Zimmermann, S., Berendzen, K., Rohr, L., Lipka, E., & Müller, S. (2021). KINESIN-12E regulates metaphase spindle flux and helps control spindle size in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 33(1), 27-43.


Herrmann, Arvid, et al. "KINESIN-12E regulates metaphase spindle flux and helps control spindle size in Arabidopsis." The Plant Cell 33.1 (2021): 27-43.

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