Novel fit formula for the calculation of hysteresis losses including DC-premagnetization

Stenglein E, Kübrich D, Albach M, Dürbaum T (2019)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2019

Publisher: Mesago PCIM GmbH

Pages Range: 1328-1335

Conference Proceedings Title: PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings

Event location: Nuremberg DE

ISBN: 9783800749386



In the field of power electronics, optimizing inductive components achieves objectives such as increased efficiency, cost savings and/or miniaturization. However, core loss prediction for arbitrary excitations is quite complex and no comprehensive approach has been developed so far. In particular, the influence of DC-premagnetization cannot be neglected. This paper adopts the volt-amperometric-method to measure hysteresis loss for different excitations and DC-premagnetizations in the magnetic flux density. Moreover, the dependence of hysteresis loss on magnetic history is investigated, an issue that is usually not addressed in literature. Finally, this paper provides a novel easy-to-handle formula to estimate hysteresis loss including DC-premagnetization.

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Stenglein, E., Kübrich, D., Albach, M., & Dürbaum, T. (2019). Novel fit formula for the calculation of hysteresis losses including DC-premagnetization. In Martina Amrhein, Anna Schulze Niehoff (Eds.), PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings (pp. 1328-1335). Nuremberg, DE: Mesago PCIM GmbH.


Stenglein, Erika, et al. "Novel fit formula for the calculation of hysteresis losses including DC-premagnetization." Proceedings of the International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, PCIM Europe 2019, Nuremberg Ed. Martina Amrhein, Anna Schulze Niehoff, Mesago PCIM GmbH, 2019. 1328-1335.

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