Strategies for residual stress adjustment in bulk metal forming

Franceschi A, Stahl J, Kock C, Selbmann R, Ortmann-Ishkina S, Jobst A, Merklein M, Kuhfuss B, Bergmann M, Behrens BA, Volk W, Groche P (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article, Review article

Publication year: 2021


DOI: 10.1007/s00419-021-01903-7


The family of bulk forming technologies comprises processes characterised by a complex three-dimensional stress and strain state. Besides shape and material properties, also residual stresses are modified during a bulk metal forming process. The state of residual stresses affects important properties, like fatigue behaviour and corrosion resistance. An adjustment of the residual stresses is possible through subsequent process steps such as heat treatments or mechanical surface modification technologies, like shot peening and deep rolling. However, these additional manufacturing steps involve supplementary costs, longer manufacturing times and harmful effects on the product quality. Therefore, an optimized strategy consists in a targeted introduction of residual stresses during the forming processes. To enable this approach, a fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanisms of residual stress generation in dependence of the forming parameters is necessary. The current state of the art is reviewed in this paper. Strategies for the manipulation of the residual stresses in different bulk forming processes are classified according to the underlying principles of process modification.

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Franceschi, A., Stahl, J., Kock, C., Selbmann, R., Ortmann-Ishkina, S., Jobst, A.,... Groche, P. (2021). Strategies for residual stress adjustment in bulk metal forming. Archive of Applied Mechanics.


Franceschi, A., et al. "Strategies for residual stress adjustment in bulk metal forming." Archive of Applied Mechanics (2021).

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