Flexibility, Adherence, and Guidance for Regulated Processes with Case Management

Tenschert J, Hormesch M (2020)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Conference Contribution

Publication year: 2020

Conference Proceedings Title: BPM 2020 Industry Forum Proceedings

Event location: Sevilla, Spain

URI: https://congreso.us.es/bpm2020/images/industryforum.pdf


Knowledge-intensive processes in regulated domains show high requirements in regard to documenting processes and their instances, but inherently as knowledge-intensive also in flexibility. This typically leads to a lack of automation, manual documentation, and the process being scattered across many support systems. At Pertuniti, we combine the flexibility of social software and adaptive case management with subprocess modeling for aspects that can be modeled and automated. This way, we can provide one transparent system of record that allows implicit documentation of structured and ad-hoc activities, managing and linking all case artifacts, and an iterative approach on which aspects are modeled. We cope with drastically varying requirements on process support with a flexible and adaptable data model, and by facilitating low-code implementations of changes and transparently deviating from models.

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Tenschert, J., & Hormesch, M. (2020). Flexibility, Adherence, and Guidance for Regulated Processes with Case Management. In BPM 2020 Industry Forum Proceedings. Sevilla, Spain.


Tenschert, Johannes, and Michelle Hormesch. "Flexibility, Adherence, and Guidance for Regulated Processes with Case Management." Proceedings of the BPM 2020 Industry Forum, Sevilla, Spain 2020.

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