Pertuniti: Subprocess Modeling and Hierarchic Case Management

Tenschert J, Marmaridis S (2020)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2020

Event location: Sevilla, Spain



Knowledge-intensive processes are typically scattered across many systems with no clear system of record. Support systems have to consider informational relations of process instances on different granularities, and different aspects of the work require different characteristics in regard to flexibility. Today, adaptive case management is typically either tailored towards flexible process models or ad-hoc activities for a lot size of 1. Pertuniti connects both approaches by implementing cases as a set primarily of groupware artifacts for complete flexibility, subprocess modeling to automate aspects of the work, and flexible case data management considering hierarchies of cases. This way, we can reduce routine work or guide through regulated activities, while deviations and ad-hoc activities remain traceable.

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Tenschert, J., & Marmaridis, S. (2020). Pertuniti: Subprocess Modeling and Hierarchic Case Management. In Proceedings of the BPM 2020 Demo. Sevilla, Spain.


Tenschert, Johannes, and Sophia Marmaridis. "Pertuniti: Subprocess Modeling and Hierarchic Case Management." Proceedings of the BPM 2020 Demo, Sevilla, Spain 2020.

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