Organizational Competence for Servitization

Posselt T (2018)

Publication Type: Thesis

Publication year: 2018

Publisher: Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

Edited Volumes: Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung Markets and Organisations (MAU)

Series: Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung Markets and Organisations

City/Town: Wiesbaden

ISBN: 9783658200954


DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-20096-1


Tim Posselt investigates the factors leading to organizational competence for servitization - a key strategic alternative in times of digitalization and globalization -, and analyses the transformation process servitizing firms undergo. He explores the issue through conceptual research and case studies, and identifies the ability to access and leverage customer knowledge as the foundation of successful servitization. The findings provide valuable insight for managers looking to strengthen their service business, and add to literature on servitization and service-dominant logic.

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Posselt, T. (2018). Organizational Competence for Servitization (Dissertation).


Posselt, Tim. Organizational Competence for Servitization. Dissertation, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden, 2018.

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