Channel Characterization at 77 GHz for Vehicular Communication

Lübke M, Hamoud H, Fuchs J, Dubey A, Weigel R, Lurz F (2020)

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Conference Contribution

Publication year: 2020

Event location: Ulm

DOI: 10.1109/VNC51378.2020.9318405


In this paper, the investigation of the channel characteristics for mmWaves is addressed due to its recent sparked interest in modern communication technologies. Modern intelligent transportation systems require higher data rates and, therefore, more bandwidth, utilization of higher frequencies, which can provide these needs, get more and more in focus in the context of 5G. As part of our current research, the proposed work aims to give a deeper understanding of the channel characteristics and wave propagation at 77 GHz, especially for automotive use cases like platooning or intersection assistant. Typical traffic scenarios, starting with a rural street and proceeding with a highway scene, were reconstructed using the commercial simulator WinProp. Furthermore, the scenarios are evaluated by including additional obstacles, like vehicles and traffic signs. Time-varying environments with driving vehicles with either line-of-sight (LOS) as well as non-LOS (NLOS) connections were investigated. The results reveal significant changes in the channel impulse response for one time step, when, especially relevant in the NLOS case, a new reflection path gets available as scattering and reflection paths have more than 25 dB difference in receiving amplitude. Therefore, the antenna alignment and the environment had a strong influence. Thus, it could be shown that scatters like traffics signs cause power fading for the LOS connection, whereas they benefit the NLOS case, by enabling communication at all. In future research, the channel models will be further addressed and expanded to design a link that is capable of communicating safety-relevant information and hold the high demands on latency.

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Lübke, M., Hamoud, H., Fuchs, J., Dubey, A., Weigel, R., & Lurz, F. (2020). Channel Characterization at 77 GHz for Vehicular Communication. In Proceedings of the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference. Ulm.


Lübke, Maximilian, et al. "Channel Characterization at 77 GHz for Vehicular Communication." Proceedings of the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, Ulm 2020.

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