Multivariate cryptography

Ding J, Petzoldt A, Schmidt DS (2020)

Publication Type: Book chapter / Article in edited volumes

Publication year: 2020

Publisher: Springer

Edited Volumes: Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems

Series: Advances in Information Security

Book Volume: 80

Pages Range: 7-23

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-0987-3_2


This chapter gives an overview of the basic concepts of multivariate cryptography. After recalling the basic definitions on (systems of) multivariate polynomials, we present the main construction methods of multivariate public key cryptosystems. We discuss the mathematical problems underlying the security of multivariate cryptography and give an overview of the main attacks against these schemes. Finally, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of multivariate schemes compared to other (post-quantum) cryptosystems.

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Ding, J., Petzoldt, A., & Schmidt, D.S. (2020). Multivariate cryptography. In Jintai Ding, Albrecht Petzoldt, Dieter S. Schmidt (Eds.), Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems. (pp. 7-23). Springer.


Ding, Jintai, Albrecht Petzoldt, and Dieter S. Schmidt. "Multivariate cryptography." Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems. Ed. Jintai Ding, Albrecht Petzoldt, Dieter S. Schmidt, Springer, 2020. 7-23.

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