Robust Image Reconstruction with Misaligned Structural Information

Bungert L, Ehrhardt MJ (2020)

Publication Status: In review

Publication Type: Journal article

Future Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2020


DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3043638

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Multi-modality (or multi-channel) imaging is becoming increasingly important and more widely available, e.g. hyperspectral imaging in remote sensing, spectral CT in material sciences as well as multi-contrast MRI and PET-MR in medicine. Research in the last decades resulted in a plethora of mathematical methods to combine data from several modalities. State-of-the-art methods, often formulated as variational regularization, have shown to significantly improve image reconstruction both quantitatively and qualitatively. Almost all of these models rely on the assumption that the modalities are perfectly registered, which is not the case in most real world applications. We propose a variational framework which jointly performs reconstruction and registration, thereby overcoming this hurdle. Our approach is the first to achieve this for different modalities and outranks established approaches in terms of accuracy of both reconstruction and registration. Numerical results on simulated and real data show the potential of the proposed strategy for various applications in multi-contrast MRI, PET-MR, and hyperspectral imaging: typical misalignments between modalities such as rotations, translations, zooms can be effectively corrected during the reconstruction process. Therefore the proposed framework allows the robust exploitation of shared information across multiple modalities under real conditions.

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Bungert, L., & Ehrhardt, M.J. (2020). Robust Image Reconstruction with Misaligned Structural Information. IEEE Access.


Bungert, Leon, and Matthias J. Ehrhardt. "Robust Image Reconstruction with Misaligned Structural Information." IEEE Access (2020).

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