Protein biomarker discovery using human blood plasma microparticles

Taleb RSZ, Moez P, Younan D, Eisenacher M, Tenbusch M, Sitek B, Bracht T (2019)

Publication Type: Book chapter / Article in edited volumes

Publication year: 2019


Publisher: Humana Press Inc.

Edited Volumes: Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery

Series: Methods in Molecular Biology

Book Volume: 1959

Pages Range: 51-64

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-9164-8_4


Cells shed into the extracellular space a population of membranous vesicles of plasma membrane origin called microparticles (MP). Given the fact that MP are abundantly present in body fluids including plasma, rich in cell-type or disease-specific proteins and formed in conditions of stress and injury, they have been extensively investigated as biomarkers in various diseases. With the advancement in the mass spectrometry-based proteome analysis, the knowledge of the protein composition of plasma MP (PMP) has been intensively expanded, which aids the discovery of novel diagnostic target proteins. However, the lack of standardized and accurate protocols for PMP isolation limits the implementation of PMP as biomarkers in clinical settings. Here, we describe in detail a robust protocol for PMP isolation from human blood plasma via ultracentrifugation followed by label-free quantitative proteome analysis of PMP.

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Taleb, R.S.Z., Moez, P., Younan, D., Eisenacher, M., Tenbusch, M., Sitek, B., & Bracht, T. (2019). Protein biomarker discovery using human blood plasma microparticles. In Virginie Brun, Yohann Couté (Eds.), Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery. (pp. 51-64). Humana Press Inc..


Taleb, Raghda Saad Zaghloul, et al. "Protein biomarker discovery using human blood plasma microparticles." Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery. Ed. Virginie Brun, Yohann Couté, Humana Press Inc., 2019. 51-64.

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