Connection strength of additive manufactured tool elements to the substrate

Junker D, Fedorov A, Hentschel O, Schmidt M, Merklein M (2016)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2016


Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd

Book Volume: 716

Pages Range: 389-394

ISBN: 9783038357049

DOI: 10.4028/


In industry the increasing variety of products leads to shorter product life cycles. For parts made by forging processes this trend results in very high prizes, as the tool costs have to be assimilated with only few parts. To reduce the tool costs new, flexible processes have to be investigated and established in tool manufacturing. Laser based additive manufacturing is noted for its high flexibility and especially laser metal deposition (LMD) gets in the focus of the research as it allows adding material on free formed surfaces. Therefore it is already used for coating and repairing of forming tools. New investigations are made to qualify this process for the production of forging tools. The aim is to generate active elements onto a geometrical simple base unit. Within first investigations the manufacturing of high carbon hot work tool steel 1.2343 was analysed. The measured mechanical properties were similar to those of conventional manufactured material. The focus of this paper is the connection strength of the additively built structures to the substrate. Therefore cylindrical specimens for tensile tests are manufactured with the linkage zone in the parallel area, in which the highest tension will be achieved. To assess the strength of the connection a comparison with conventional manufactured steel will be made. Furthermore specimens produced with various settings will be tested to analyse the influence of the LMD process. Additionally post heat treated samples will be analysed to recognize the effect of the hardening on the strength of the specimens.

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Junker, D., Fedorov, A., Hentschel, O., Schmidt, M., & Merklein, M. (2016). Connection strength of additive manufactured tool elements to the substrate. In Key Eng. Mater. 716 (Eds.), (pp. 389-394). Trans Tech Publications Ltd.


Junker, Daniel, et al. "Connection strength of additive manufactured tool elements to the substrate." Ed. Key Eng. Mater. 716, Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2016. 389-394.

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