UHS Steel Formability in Flexible Roll Forming

Mäntyjärvi K, Merklein M, Karjalainen JA (2009)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2009


Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

Book Volume: 410-411

Pages Range: 661-668

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the SheMet2009

Event location: Zurich CH

DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.410-411.661


Ultra-high-strength (UHS) steels are very interesting materials for many applications where high strength can be utilized to create lighter and more effective constructions. The poor formability of UHS steels, however, may limit the usefulness of these materials in many applications. In this work, some experiments using a flexible roll forming machine developed at the Chair of Manufacturing Technology (LFT), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg were carried out using 4mm-thick bainitic martensitic UHS steels (YS/TS 960/1000 and 1100/1250) and the outcomes have been analysed. Results of these experimental tests show that using roll forming it is possible to bend test materials to an angle of 90° without damages with an evidently smaller radius than in air bending. The radius obtained using roll forming can be as small as 40% of the value used in air bending. Tests also show that with the method used in these tests it is possible to make roll forming for the whole length of the plate. The tests proved that the NC-controlled single-step roll forming method has potential for manufacturing small batches of bend profiles; however, more development has to be carried out if the process is to be made suitable for industry. © (2009) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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Mäntyjärvi, K., Merklein, M., & Karjalainen, J.A. (2009). UHS Steel Formability in Flexible Roll Forming. In Shirvani, B.; Clarke, R.; Duflou, J.; Merklein, M.; Micari, F.; Griffiths, J. (Eds.), Proceedings of the SheMet2009 (pp. 661-668). Zurich, CH: Trans Tech Publications Ltd..


Mäntyjärvi, Kari, Marion Merklein, and Jussi A. Karjalainen. "UHS Steel Formability in Flexible Roll Forming." Proceedings of the Proceedings of the SheMet2009, Zurich Ed. Shirvani, B.; Clarke, R.; Duflou, J.; Merklein, M.; Micari, F.; Griffiths, J., Trans Tech Publications Ltd., 2009. 661-668.

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